Happiness as a Mood

Undoubtedly, the TV show containing the best voiceover quotes of all time is One Tree Hill. I don’t even watch the show but I repeatedly find myself Youtubing the best OTH quotes, there are just so many of them. Yesterday I came across a quote that stuck with me a little bit, so I thought about it more because it just made perfect sense to me.

One of the characters was explaining to his GF that he was thinking about the concept of happiness and a common misconception of it that actually causes less happiness. The way the character explained it was that people always speak of happiness as an end-goal, a destination. We always hear people say that one of their goals in life is to be happy. This happiness could come from having your dream job, financial security, a healthy family, and spiritual peace. The character explained that this is the wrong way to look at the concept of happiness. Life always comes with ups and downs and happiness is never permanent. The more we think about happiness in this way, the more we are setting ourselves up for disappointment because even after we have our family, our income, and our dream car, we’re still gonna feel unhappy every once in a while.

The dude from OTH described it best when he said that “happiness is a mood, not a destination”. We can strive to be happy all we want, but once we get those things that we think will make us happy, we’re still going to feel unhappy at some point in our life. And that’s ok. Just as it is okay to feel hungry every once in a while, it is okay to feel unhappy and miserable sometimes. We need to come to realize that we aren’t always going to be satisfied. Once we come to this realization, we lower our expectations. If anything, anything at all, this might even bring us more happiness. All we have to remember is that it’ll be temporary, and that’s perfectly okay because “happiness is a mood, not a destination.”

Happiness as a Mood

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