Pakistani Drama Fever

It’s no surprise that Pakistani dramas have made their way to Netflix. It’s also no surprise that I haven’t left my apartment in days. I never seen a Pakistani drama before this past week, and now I’m completely addicted. This is going to sound like the aunty in me coming out, but here it goes …

I just binge watched Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai over the last 6 days or so. That’s a little over 40 hours of my life (in the last week). I laid in my bed in front of my television with a cup of chai and cake rusk, it just does not get more aunty than that. I might have lost a shit ton of man points admitting all of this, but I was not bored for a second.

Humsafar was great, it does not get any better than Mahira and Fawad. It also kinda made me realize that extremely innocent people exist and that’s kinda what I need in life, lolz. As good as these dramas are, they’re also extremely stressful and make me want to give the characters a pep talk and perhaps a slap in the face *cough Ashar cough*. Despite me wanting to pull my hair out half the time, these two dramas are definitely worth the watch.

ZGH was dope too. The story is great and the pacing is amazing. In the course of an episode, literally 10 life changing things would occur. I’m now on a mission to find the next drama that will keep me in my bed for the next couple of days. If anyone has any good suggestions, lmk.

Pakistani Drama Fever

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