Dangal (spoiler alert)

I don’t normally review movies, nor am I a critic, but I thought that a great movie like this deserves a reaction.

Dangal was totally captivating from beginning to end. In some parts, it was a little too dramatic. It was obvious that a true story was twisted a bit to add some dramatization and some scenes from the commonwealth games looked fake. You have to keep in mind that it IS Bollywood (LOL). Overall the movie was heartwarming, motivational, and wholly entertaining. Nothing was more impressive than Aamir Khan, who never lets us forget that he just might be the greatest Bollywood actor of all time (I might be a little biased). Part of the greatness of the movie was the fact that it was also produced by Aamir Khan Productions, a production company that hasn’t disappointed us yet. I urge you to watch the Aamir Khan body transformation video to see how much work went into his character in Dangal. When you are as dedicated to your work as Aamir is, you’d go unimaginable lengths to make your character seem as realistic as possible. Aamir could have just as easily put on a body suit to make his character appear fat, but no, he went the whole nine yards and ACTUALLY gained all that weight to play his character. ON TOP OF THAT, he went another nine yards to lose all that weight and become the FITTEST I’ve ever seen him to shoot the scenes from the beginning of the movie. If that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is.

Aside from Aamir, the best part of the movie was the message. The moral of the story was that you shouldn’t forget where you came from and who brought you there. This message resonated with me particularly. As I am so close to actually beginning my career, my head could be filled with arrogance and a feeling that I brought myself this far. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If I have to owe it all to somebody (after God of course), it would have to be my parents. It’s not even that my parents taught me everything I know, but I am a product of their upbringing and this is the sole reason on why I came this far. In the movie, the eldest sister forgets that her father made her into a great wrestler and she feels as if she doesn’t need him anymore. This was the beginning of her downfall. Only after she realizes that it was her father who had gotten her that far is when she gets her biggest win in her wrestling career. Overall, the message was great.

The last thing that makes the movie great was the punjabi. Because punjab is the best.

I might write more reviews of movies because I have no life and watch so many of them.

Dangal (spoiler alert)

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