Why is it that when one seems confident about themselves in one aspect or another, people begin to say that said person thinks their shit doesn’t stink? However, if said person lacks confidence entirely, they’re seen as an awkward mess. So either you’re cocky or an awkward mess. There’s no in-between. We’re trapped in a society that is quick to put a label on anything and everything. What I’ve noticed is that the labels that we give someone or something are never neutral. Labels are always one extreme or the other. It’s as if things can only be at either end of the spectrum, but there’s no balance in between. Amongst these labels, a few labels that I hate are “liberal” v. “conservative”, no one ever discusses “moderates”. Another set of labels that bothers me is “introverted” v. “extroverted”, why is it always either/or?

I think that the reason why we’re so quick to smack something with a label is our desire for their to always be an explanation for something. We always feel the desire for an answer to a question. We always need a name for a phenomenon. Nothing can ever exist if their isn’t a name for it. So even if something falls in the middle, lets round up or round down because we aren’t comfortable with coming up with another name for what is inherently neutral.


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