Arranged Marriage is NOT What You Think

A handful of people swear that they would never get arranged. But I’d argue that arranged marriage is completely different than what it was traditionally known as, especially in the west. Nobody is forcing anybody to marry someone that they don’t want to anymore (at least I hope not). The concept of arranged marriage went from little to no autonomy to basically complete autonomy. The great thing about this development is that you’re able to feel out the other person to see if it would be a good match (don’t take that the wrong way).

I actually think that this is pretty cool. The fun in marriage comes from discovering new things about your opposite every day. What’s the fun in marriage if you’ve already dated that person for years before you were married? I’m of the opinion that you only really need to have a few conversations to determine whether someone would be a good match. You don’t need to be with anyone for a significant amount of years to see whether they would be a good fit as a life partner.

Arranged Marriage is NOT What You Think

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