Don’t Post Your Grades on Instagram

It’s that time of the year again. It’s around the time when everybody is either finishing up with exams or getting their grades back. I might be the sole exception because my school does not believe in getting grades back to students until at least two and a half months after exams.

Something funny I notice around this time of year is people uploading their semester’s grade reports on to Instagram. I have a lot to say about this. However, I know that nobody likes rambling, so I will try to keep it short.

WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS??? What are they trying to show? Nothing about this makes sense to me. Not to down-play good grades, it’s cool and whatever. And, I’m sure your parents are happy. But, are they trying to show off? Clearly, that doesn’t work because not only am I left unimpressed, I now think that the uploader is a jerk . Straight A’s in gen ed classes doesn’t mean crap. Further, straight A’s at Nova doesn’t mean crap if you majored in legal studies and business administration. How can I say this? I can say this because those were my majors. Not implying that I’m smart at all or anything, because I submit to you that I am nowhere near smart. It’s just that some programs are really hard to score below A-‘s in with minimal effort. Some majors are absolutely dummy proof and designed to allow students to do well. This actually plays a big part of the reason why I don’t agree with the American education system. In fact, if I could go back, I probably would have never went to college. But that is another post for another time. Right now we are talking about people that upload grades to social media.

If you went out of your way to post screenshots of your unofficial transcript to instagram or took pictures of dean’s list certificates and uploaded it to social media, I don’t think you’re smart. Actually, to me, you seem even more incompetent. Even worse … arrogant. Perhaps it’s not you that is smart, but it’s just the fact that your program is just that simple. So you really have nothing to brag about. And the fact that you are trying really hard to showcase something that is so easy to attain, you come off as a total kamina. Don’t give me the excuse that you are just trying to inspire people. The excuse that you are really just so proud of yourself does not fly either.

Even if you were to go to a decent school, you’d still come off as a kutha if you posted your grades on social media. I would go so far as to argue that even being at the top of your class in a decent law school is nothing to brag about. Anybody can do well in school. School is a game and it’s not just about who is the smartest anymore. It’s about who plays the game the best. School is not a good indicator of how you will fair in real life. Your success in school should be kept to yourself. Humble yourself. You haven’t accomplished much yet so you have nothing to brag about. There are many people that are smarter than you who probably didn’t get the same type of grades you got. Maybe their courses are on a curve. Or maybe your courses or professors just give too many people grades that they don’t deserve. Just think twice before posting your grades. It does say more about you than you may think.


LinkedIn. Used LinkedIn to brag all you want about how well you did in school. It could land you a job. Recruiters take LinkedIn profiles seriously.

Outside of LinkedIn, just keep those grades to yourself. Or if your mom and dad are really proud of you, the refrigerator (at the very most).

Don’t Post Your Grades on Instagram