What Justifies Your Public Obsession?

I think I may have finally figured it out. I now know why people thirst over celebrities’ looks and attractiveness in the way that they do. Let me first say that I’m not free from blame here. I’m guilty as well. In admitting my guilt, I am able to see why this is the case. Let me explain.

Let’s be honest. . . there are millions of people on this Earth that are better looking than any given celebrity (especially when you take the make-up off). Getting away from looks a bit, there are a billion other people on this earth who might have a better personality. I’ve come to understand that It’s not fame that makes a celebrity more “attractive” to the average person, like us. It’s the fact that they are extremely unattainable that makes it okay for everyone else to obsess over them. Feel what I’m saying? You can tweet obsessive tweets and post obsessive Instagram MCM and WCW pictures about this person but the chances that they will ever see it are slim to none. Further, the chances of you actually ever meeting that famous person are even more obsolete. If you ever do come across them, you will know that they have never seen your creepy comments or posts about them, or they probably would not remember it if they somehow saw it. This makes the thirst all okay! It’s become customary and accepted practice to thirst over that person, and it’s not considered creepy! How wonderful is that? These celebrities are put in place for us to have someone we can aim our thirst on. We all know in the back of our heads that we probably personally know someone much more attainable and realistic and probably much more attractive looks-wise and personality wise. But we’re completely afraid to express our obsession of the average person in public as we do with these famous people. It’s safe to say that expressing your thirst over the average joe is not socially acceptable and you’re a creep if you do. Why is that?

Let’s be real, you can’t tell me that there is not a non-famous girl out there better looking than Selena Gomez. As Selena Gomez’s biggest fan, I would be the first to tell you that you are a complete idiot if you think otherwise. In a world of 7 billion people, there HAS to be at least one. In the words of J. Cole, “always gon’ be a bitch that’s badder out there”. So next time you are in the process of drafting a thirsty tweet obsessing over a famous person, think to yourself … why? I’ll try to do the same.

What Justifies Your Public Obsession?

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