Get Your Shit Together, America.

This one will be short and I’ll dumb it down. I’m not trying to sound smart or act like I know politics, as everyone claims to nowadays. I did learn a thing or two about presidential powers in school. So I think I’m a little more educated about this stuff than the lay person. Or maybe not … but I’d like to think that $49,500 in yearly tuition could at least amount to me learning about what the president does. But I’ll go ahead and act like I know nothing in fear of looking stupid and saying something wrong.

I could be basic and make a long Facebook post, but I’ve decided to say it here because people actually read this shit for some strange reason. I’d like to make it clear that I don’t know who I want as President. At this point, I’m deciding between the lesser of all evils. I don’t have a party affiliation, I am neither a democrat nor a republican and no candidate in particular appeals to me this election year. What a shame.

In the midst of all the uncertainty, there is one thing I do know. So here’s what I know. . . the jokes over. It has truly gone on for far too long. Can we stop pretending to support Donald Trump? Seriously! I’m fully under the impression that this is all one long running gag. It’s time to take the presidential race seriously again. We have successfully made ourselves look like fools in the eyes of the world. We have lost the little respect that we’ve had left. He’s leading polls running as a Republican … GOP, you may not even have a candidate in the race this year. I can go on and on, honestly. I can give you an information dump and sound really smart. But I won’t. This post isn’t even intending to be funny or persuasive. Just a friendly reminder …

Get your shit together, America.

Get Your Shit Together, America.

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