The Anatomy of the DM

Yo Gotti couldn’t have put it any better when he said that “it goes down in the DM”. I can attest to the fact that it truly does. I won’t lie and say that I haven’t tested my luck. I also won’t lie and say I have actually had any. Since when did we think that it was socially acceptable to add random people on social media and “slide” into a stranger’s DMs? In a world where tinder exists, we’ve made casual meetings online perfectly acceptable.

I guess it makes sense to explain what “sliding into someone’s DMs” means before getting into my opinions on it. DM is short for “direct messages” and “slide” basically just means “send”. Instagram and Facebook have provided for the most casual form of communication with someone who you’ve never met before without looking like a total creep. It has become absolutely okay to add a stranger of the opposite gender, perhaps in a different state (and sometimes different country) and send them a flirtatious message.

For someone who has never attempted this, you may be thinking … “how does someone who engages in this practice NOT come off as a thirsty SOB?” Well, sometimes you might. People have become wimps. Men have lost the balls to walk up to a person of the opposite gender and start a verbal conversation. We have come down to using our fingers to hide behind a screen to meet people. It is a great shield of nervousness. However, it’s also part of the reason why society has lost the ability to communicate in-person. I could look a million times more confident in a direct message encounter with someone than if I were to approach them in person and say something to them.

On the other hand, I don’t think that the direct message is such a bad thing. I could tell within a few exchanges of messages whether a conversation is going anywhere or not. The best part of the DM is that you can stop messaging. In a real conversation, you can’t just walk away. Again, this accounts for why people are increasingly becoming cowards and losing the ability to communicate with people.

The question comes to mind, how can someone slide a DM and make it look casual? You want to show interest, but not thirst. Easy! I’ve slid enough to know how to do it. BUT, I’ve never been successful, so take this all with a grain of salt. Step one, find someone. Step two, add them. Step three, like their last five pics. Step four, slide them a message asking a question. I would usually go with, “hi, random question, might sound weird but I’m just curious, are you (insert ethnicity here)”. I’ve started conversation likes this, and they all seemed okay. But again, I’ve never hit the jackpot, so maybe I shouldn’t be giving this advice.

All in all, I’d say sliding the DM might make you look like a pansy. However, I think that there is one scenario where the DM has revolutionized communication and completely changed the game. That scenario is called: “The Brown Community”. If an aunty has ever seen you talking to a girl in person, you’re done. This is where the DM has changed it all. You see a “potential” at a dawaat and then it becomes perfectly okay to add them and slide into their DMs mentioning that you saw them at a dawaat. The conversation should just flow from there. I should probably reiterate, I’ve never been successful doing this, so don’t try this at home.

If you are reading this and I’ve sent you a DM: sorry, but I may have been genuinely interested.

And mom,

The Anatomy of the DM

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